Julien Guirado (LPDLA7) in a relationship with Marine El Himer, this photo makes a lot of noise

Julien Bert and Hilona meet again, Milla Jasmine and Mujdat leave the adventure … This is what happened during episode 21 of the Princes and Princesses of Love 3. And since the end of the shooting of the show made in W9, Julien Guirado and Marine El Himer spin the perfect love! They have just proven it on Instagram where they just posted an ultra sexy photoAt the same time, Marine is topless and it is the hands of Julien Guirado who hides his chest! A snapshot that has greatly reacted to Internet users, as you can find out a little further down in this article …

“Beautiful photo for an equally beautiful couple (…) The couple goal of reality TV ❤️ (…) Keep it for you please. Some people do not even realize that in life, it you have to keep stuff for yourself (…) Really two perverts it’s two (…) What a wonderful couple ❤️ (…) Beautiful photo as usual ❤️ “, was it possible to read among the many messages from Internet users. Opinions that are rather divided! Otherwise, we let you discover if you followed week 4 of the Princes and Princesses of Love season 3 by participating in our last quiz.


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