Horoscope on Monday, November 22: Today you will be surprised by a colleague

The sun will enter Sagittarius today and you will feel a surge of energy. Today you should do everything in moderation. Don’t overdo it and stick to the wall. Ram On Monday, all the saints will be watching over you, because you will be able to slip out of a situation that seemed very complicated. […]

Touching confession: Katka Žbirková published a private letter from Meky

For over 30 years, they formed an inseparable couple. Mira Žbirka’s departure for eternal rest hurts his wife Katka the most. She says goodbye to her beloved husband, and on the day of the last farewell she published one of the romantic letters he sent her. Mutual love literally radiated from Meky and Katka Žbirková. […]

Lost downloads an older song. People saw in the text an apology for rape

After his victory in Český slavík, the singer Marek Ztracený was criticized for the several-year-old song It Happens Even in Better Families. The discussants on social networks took her on strike. They blame the singer for apologizing to the rape in the song. Marek Ztracený stated that he completely condemns the rape. But he decided […]