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Tesla Slash Prices to Boost Sales After First Quarter Slump

Is it a response to the unsuccessful first quarter of this year, when Tesla’s sales fell year after year? Everything points to it. The American car manufacturer was again trying to reduce the prices of its models. Which ones, depends on the market. In the Czech Republic, for example, the discounts only apply to Model 3, which has never been more lucrative.

386,000 cars sold is not a bad result, but Tesla is still not what was expected. Instead of growing, it fell even 8.5 percent year on year, and production is well ahead of demand, nearly 50,000 cars. “And when the demand for Teslas in earlier periods lagged behind the production numbers, Musk began to discount,” they say An economic newspaper.

At the end of last week, the prices of almost the entire model pack were reduced. Which cars in particular, however, depends on the market. For example, only one car was affected in the Czech Republic, the Model 3 became cheaper by 50 thousand crowns, the basic hatchback with a range of 513 kilometers now costs 1,003,990 crowns.

It is a historic low, it has never been possible to buy a basic Tesla cheaper, and on the other hand, it is worth adding before Musk began to discount heavily for the first time the -last year due to the realization of sales plans, the same rear wheel cost almost 1.4 million crowns. In addition, this was a version before the upgrade, called Highland, and which brought many improvements, including, for example, not quite perfect cameras instead of parking sensors, more valuable items in the -in, or turn signal control with buttons. on the steering wheel.

With a price slightly higher than the million mark, Tesla is still running away from the closest competition. Such a Hyundai Ioniq 6 with a smaller range starts at 1,159,990 crowns, and a BMW i4 also with a lower range starts at 1,352,000 crowns. The million mark is in the area of ​​compacts, the Renault Megane E-Tech starts at 999 thousand crowns, the Volkswagen ID.3 in the current sale at 929,900 crowns. In either case, however, these are smaller cars with a significantly shorter range on paper.

In addition, you can still apply for a state subsidy to buy an electric car. Businesses or self-employed people can therefore receive support of up to 200,000 crowns, which would greatly reduce the price of the basic Model 3.

The automaker Elon Musk also discounted the Long Range version with two electric motors and a larger battery, which has a range of 629 kilometers, with 50 thousand crowns. This amounts to at least 1,203,990 crowns. The current rebates in the Czech Republic did not affect models S, X and even Y. As for Model Y, which became the best-selling car in the world last year and is also a top seller at Tesla in the Czech Republic, it is worth remembering that it went up in price in mid-March by 50,000 crowns.

It therefore starts at 1,094,900 crowns, the Long Range model with only one electric motor and a larger battery with a range of 600 kilometers and a price from 1,189,900 crowns has recently become a novelty.

HN then states that the Model 3 has become cheaper by the equivalent of about 50 thousand crowns elsewhere in Europe, Asia or Africa. In the United States, on the other hand, Musk went on to reduce the prices of Models Y, S and X, but not Model 3 and Cybertruck, he notes British newspaper The Guardian. In the same market, assistance systems hidden under the heading “Fully autonomous driving capability” were also reduced in price.

This means, for example, the ability of the car to change lanes independently, guide the autopilot according to the address, or stop automatically before a red light comes at a traffic light and a Stop sign, give. In the future, Tesla should further expand the functions of the car. On the Czech market, however, this package still costs the same 200,000 crowns.

In addition to the drop in sales, Tesla has had several other problems in recent weeks. For example, Musk has announced that he will lay off ten percent of workers worldwide, which is about 14,000 people for whom he does not have enough work. In April, two vice presidents of the American car company also resigned. In the US, due to problems with the gas pedal, all manufactured Cybertrucks, of which there are less than four thousand so far, must be serviced.

There is also uncertainty about the Model 2, which, with a price of around 600,000 kroner, was supposed to be Tesla’s cheapest car and to compete, for example, with the upcoming Volkswagen ID.2 . In January, it seemed that the production of a car would start next year, but at the beginning of April, the Reuters group announced that the development of Model 2 was stopped. Musk denied this immediately on the X social network, saying that the group was lying.

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