Vicky Prasetyo’s 3 Steps to Make Couples Flood Enjoyment on the Bed, Joss!

Saturday, 07 May 2022 – 03:40 WIB – Vicky Prasetyo. Photo: Instagram/vickyprasetyo777, JAKARTA – Vicky Prasetyo’s ability in bed was praised by his former partner. One of them is his ex-wife, Kalina Ocktaranny. Apparently, Vicky Prasetyo has three tips that can make his partner flooded with pleasure in bed. Usually, before acting on the … Read more

Miyabi Admits Fear of Being Approached by Vicky Prasetyo

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — Maria Ozawa alias Miyabi revealed the beginning of his closeness with Vicky Prasetyo. Miyabi said that Vicky Prasetyo had asked him to communicate directly with him several times, but instead made the Japanese actress scared. Miyabi told the story when she appeared as a guest on the YouTube channel Repezen Foxx, … Read more

Vicky Prasetyo admits he lost his virginity after being snatched by the canteen’s mother during high school

loading… Vicky Prasetyo admitted that he lost his virginity since high school. / Photo: Instagram JAKARTA – Vicky Prasetyo very familiar with something controversial. Recently, Kalina Ocktaranny’s ex-husband admitted that he had lost his virginity since high school. Long ago, Vicky mentioned that he was a playboy. This he expressed in a chat together Boiyen … Read more

Knock in Azka’s hands, Vicky Prasetyo remains confident to challenge Deddy Corbuzier in boxing

Jakarta, Insertlive – Vicky Prasetyo finally fought against Azka Corbuzier in the boxing ring. The fierce battle was broadcast live on Deddy Corbuzier’s YouTube channel on Thursday (31/3) and was watched by 2.4 million viewers. Vicky, who appeared fierce at the beginning of the round, made a lot of viewers misfocus with the scrapes on … Read more

Desperate after being caught in a trick by Vicky Prasetyo, Kalina Oktarani: Try it as me

PEOPLE’S MIND – Figure Kalina Oktarani lately continues to be a heated discussion. The problems in his life have now become public consumption and have turned into easy targets for netizens’ hatred. Involved in problems with the birth mother, Kalina Oktarani also more and more hit because the ex -husband is none other than Vicky … Read more

Defeating Aldi Taher, Vicky Prasetyo Reveals the Prizes Received, The Amount Wow

Thursday, March 10, 2022 – 08:28 WIB – Vicky Prasetyo. Photo: Ricardo/, JAKARTA – Presenter Vicky Prasetyo revealed the amount of prizes he got after defeating Aldi Taher in a boxing match. Kalina Ocktaranny’s ex-husband claimed to have received up to hundreds of millions of rupiah from the victory. “Hundreds (millions) thank God,” said … Read more

Hit by an immoral video scandal, Kalina Oktarani apologizes to Vicky Prasetyo

Jakarta, Insertlive – Kalina Oktarani recently had a feud with her ex-husband Vicky Prasetyo. Vicky even said that he had evidence of an infidelity to Kalina’s immoral video with a man named Ricky Miraza. Because of the scandal and controversy that was thrown Vicky, Kalina chose to apologize. That’s because Kalina wants to live quietly … Read more

Ricky W Miraza is handsome, the actor called an affair with Kalina Ocktaranny

loading… The name Ricky W Miraza has recently become a hot topic for netizens because it was dragged into the household turmoil of Kalina Ocktaranny and Vicky Prasetyo. / Photo: Instagram JAKARTA – Actor’s name Ricky W Miraza has recently become a hot topic of discussion among netizens. The reason is that his name was … Read more

After Getting a Kiss of Spoiled Miyabi, Vicky Prasetyo is Mighty in the Boxing Arena

Jakarta, Insertlive – Vicky Prasetyo was in the spotlight after receiving a video from Maria Ozawa or Miyabi. At that time, Miyabi admitted that she couldn’t wait to go to Indonesia and go have fun with Vicky. “Hi Vicky I hope the pandemic can end soon, so you can pick me up at the airport, … Read more

Kalina Ocktaranny Called Abandoning Her Mother, Vicky Prasetyo Prepares Sisters and ART for Her Ex-In-Laws

loading… Kalina Ocktaranny is said to have abandoned her mother, Erlan Wardhania. In contrast to Kalina, Vicky Prasetyo actually prepares nurses to household assistants. Photo/Ravi Wardani JAKARTA – Kalina Ocktaranny called abandon the mother, Erlan Wardhania . Unlike Kalina, Vicky Prasetyo Instead, he prepared a nurse to a domestic helper (ART) for his ex-in-laws. Even … Read more