Bauska association “Stiga” records a song with Rūta Ķergalvi ​​- Video / Audio – Music – Culture + – TVNET

“The song can be described as dark pop music with elements of electronic music. It was recorded in Bauska and Kuldiga, with the project participants cooperating remotely. In terms of content, the song “During the scar period, it is important not to lose vigilance and not to give in to heartlessness. – “Stiga” is a … Read more

Sudden Lights invites to keep the inner light with the song “Lanterns” – Video / Audio – Music – Culture + – TVNET

“The song is about ourselves, about the insecurity and fear of the darkness around us and the light that can pass through it. This piece is in a way a group manifesto – we want to be ‘lanterns’ that dispel the darkness and show the way forward. We we will be really happy if even … Read more

Jānis Irbe and Gints Sola record a joint song – Video / Audio – Music – Culture +

Jānis made his debut in music in 2016, in 2019 his debut album was released. So far this year, the singles “Kitchen with us” and “When empty words” with the b-side have been released, as well as two new videos have been made. This year Jānis wants to highlight another song, it is “Fog”, or … Read more

Trio “Orange” debuts in pop music with an old Raimonds Pauls song – Video / Audio – Music – Culture +

The young singers, as background vocalists, have already participated in countless concerts and recordings of Latvian popular music stars, so a regular continuation of the trio is their participation in their own group – “Orange”. The solo compositions performed in several concert programs served as a special encouragement for the formation of the group. Special … Read more

Home group “So Lucid Electric Feel” releases two new singles – Video / Audio – Music – Culture +

“In this song, we have created a scene in which the world connects with a wing that can help,” explains the group’s vocalist and guitarist Uvis Gailis, the ideological setting of the new single “Our Helping Wing”. The song embodies peace, fantasy, the idea of ​​help without unnecessary explanations, so that every listener has the … Read more

Rudzinskis releases his first single from the upcoming big band album at the end of the month – Jazz – Music – Culture +

The album by Rudzinsky and Danish double bassist Kenneth Dah Knudsen will be released on October 22 in collaboration with the German “Double Moon Records” and the Dutch “Challenge Records”. – Knudsen/Rudzinskis Space Big Band the first single “Hades” introduces the theme of the upcoming album. The theme of the 10 compositions is the universe … Read more

Normunds Rutulis offers a summer dance music song – Video / Audio – Music – Culture +

“With Exact we once collaborated on radio Spin FM dabstepa music evenings. For a long time, he has been offering modern pop hits that do not hide his passion for dubstep, “Rutulis writes in a press release.” While the mix of genres is in vogue, Andrejs is also experimenting and has created a song, the … Read more

“Little knows how to order”. Listen to the new RIP BDM song – Video / Audio – Music – Culture +

The new composition “Little One Knows What He Wants” has also been made into a video of the word, which also shows the young hip-hop artist. – The second single from BDM’s upcoming album is very different from the atmospheric and romantic single “IG mīla”, which was released in mid-February. – “Any self-sufficient and confident … Read more

Ignorance and light at the end of the tunnel. Satellites release a new song “Insecurity” – Video / Audio – Music – Culture +

“With a sense of insecurity in this difficult time, everyone can identify, both literally and figuratively. But the song is not just about the impact of the pandemic on our hearts and minds, its message is universal – we can each find hidden reserves of strength and courage to face everyone challenge, “comments the group. … Read more

“Musiqq” releases charity song “We’re one tree branch” – Music – – Entertainment

“The song was written at a time when people think more about people, when the usual everyday life is lacking, when there is a sense of freedom, when we have misunderstandings and thoughts about good and evil. And only if we are reasonable and united writes a group. – “We are looking forward to meeting … Read more