Certest Biotech will have its vaccine factory by the end of 2023

Certest Biotech it is probably the company that best reflects the urgencies of the pandemic. This Aragonese company has just completed a hectic year after the arrival of the covid accelerated its business plans. So much so that The biotechnology firm will have its messenger RNA vaccine manufacturing plant completed in mid-2023, According to the […]

Interactive pets in the sack of the Magi

The assistants of Their Majesties of the East are at full capacity preparing the sacks with the gifts that they will distribute tonight among the children of the whole world and they sweat ink to get some of them, exhausted for a long time on the shelves of the Gipuzkoan toy stores . This year, […]

The gift that triumphs among the children of the famous

G.C. Updated:01/04/2022 13:59h Keep After the difficult times that the coronavirus pandemic has brought, it is important to live these dates with even greater enthusiasm than other years. It is time for reunions, to share afternoons with the family by the warmth of a fireplace or around a table, to bake cookies, take long walks […]

The Kings attend the opera at the Royal Theater

ATLAS SPAIN Updated:13/11/2021 21:48h Keep The kings have presided today the representation of ‘Parténope’ with music of the German Georg Friedrich Händel in the Royal Theater. Don Felipe VI and Doña Letizia have attended the opera together and without their daughters, since Princess Leonor is in Wales studying and the arrival of the Infanta Sofía was […]

Borja recovers the historical recreation of the Catholic Monarchs

It has taken more than a year to wait, but finally the Borjan people have recovered the historical recreation of the Catholic Monarchs. Although it is normally celebrated in summer, and this time it had to be delayed due to the health situation, the low temperatures did not prevent the arrival of visitors and, according […]

second anniversary of that chill

It was at noon on June 1, 2019. Like a wildfire of black powder, the news spread via telephone or digitally throughout the Sevillian geography, first, Andalusian, Spanish and later worldwide. José Antonio Reyes had just lost his life in a tragic way, in a horrible traffic accident in which one of the two cousins […]

MMA ONLINE: The expected duel is here! Walk attacks the second victory in the UFC

In the main match of the evening of the UFC organization, the Czech fighter Jiří Procházka will introduce himself early on Sunday morning. His opponent will be American Dominick Reyes. The main card of the tournament in Las Vegas offers six duels. In addition to the Czech samurai, Cub Swanson, Giga Čikaze, Dustin Jacoby or […]