Chelsea and Liverpool back to back

The shock of the 21st day of the Premier League between Chelsea and Liverpool will have kept its promises this Sunday, especially during a breathtaking first period. In the lead with two lengths in advance thanks to Sadio Mané (9th) and Mohamed Salah (26th), the Reds saw the Blues come back to their height in […]

Tottenham ended West Ham’s journey for the League Cup

The players of West Ham and Tomáš Souček lost in the quarterfinals of the English League Cup 1: 2 Tottenham and end up in the competition. Chelsea is also in the semifinals after a 2-0 win over Brentford and Liverpool, who beat Leicester after a 3-3 and 5-4 draw. Already on Tuesday, Arsenal secured the […]

Spurs – Liverpool: Tottenham and Liverpool end in a draw in a crazy match

Updated 19/12/2021 – 19:31 El Tottenham, ‘overcome’ the coronavirus outbreak that prevented him from playing the last two days, he returned to the Premier with enthusiasm. And Liverpool With the micron hitting his locker room (Thiago tested positive shortly before the game), he didn’t wrinkle. In London, with fog as is tradition, a battle was […]

ONLINE: Manchester City play first against Leeds, Norwich also plays

City is ahead of Liverpool, which plays against Newcastle on Thursday. Tet Chelsea loses two points to the top five and will host Everton. Norwich won the last five out of the last five and is last in the table. Aston Villa did not make it to Liverpool in the last round and fell to […]

CHAMPIONS LEAGUE. Carrasco turns out to be an antihel…

ALSO READ. Leipzig wins glorified practice match against Manchester City, De Bruyne picks up competition rhythm after corona infection Group B Atlético Madrid had to work hard to remain active in the Champions League. Yannick Carrasco and co had to win themselves in Porto and in the meantime also look at the result of Milan. […]

ONLINE: Chelsea scored three goals in Leicester, with West Ham and United in action

Chelsea dominated the opening act and overshot the opponent 9-0. Rüdiger converted the lead in the opening shot, the home team collected after the standard situation for the eighth time of the season. The second shot added an accurate shot to the Kanté pole, which played the 2015/16 championship season in Leicester. After the change […]