“Dune 2” Sci-Fi Epic Film Hits Mainland Big Screen with 98% Rotten Tomatoes Rating – A Must-Watch Adventure with Stunning Visual Effects and New Characters

The sci-fi epic film “Dune 2” hits the mainland big screen on March 8. About a week ago, the film hit the top of the box office after being released in Europe and the United States, and its ratings remain high. The Rotten Tomatoes freshness score was as high as 98%, even far surpassing its … Read more

“The King of Kings” Hong Kong Drama: Bringing Back Classic Comedy in 2024

With the popularity of the Hong Kong drama “The King of Kings” on TVB Jade Channel and Biduidui APP, Hong Kong-style comedy has once again returned to the audience’s attention. As a classic Hong Kong IP, “Song Shijie” was created by Stephen Chow in the 1990s as the classic comedy film “The Judge of the … Read more

“Art Zone”: Xiao Ke Theater Launches Year-End Drama on Steel and Art Transformation

Xiao Ke Theater will launch the year-end drama on November 11 – a non-immersive interactive musical “Art Zone” presented in a new form. Produced by music producer Xiao Ke, the musical tells a story about steel and art, showing how the “old factory” was transformed into an “art district”. “Art District” is set against the … Read more

Agent Mission: A National Security Anti-Espionage Urban Drama

The new national security anti-espionage urban drama “Agent Mission” directed by Zhao Baogang is currently being aired on Dragon TV and other platforms. The play focuses on national security counterintelligence operations, showing these unknown heroes fighting on the hidden front to the audience. A few days ago, Kang Keren accepted an exclusive interview with a … Read more

Yuncheng Delegation Shines at the 12th Shanxi Provincial Games for People with Disabilities

The 12th Shanxi Provincial Games for People with Disabilities concludes The Yuncheng delegation won 51 gold medals, ranking third in total Yuncheng delegation returns with honor On the evening of September 9, the 12th Shanxi Province Disabled Persons Games concluded successfully in Datong City. Yuncheng disabled athletes won a total of 51 gold medals, 25.5 … Read more

Huang Xiaoming’s Transformation: From Handsome Heartthrob to Maturity and Versatility in “Stalker”

Following the movie “The Wind”, Huang Xiaoming returned to spy war-themed works, and in the TV series “Stalker”, he played Fang Jiashu, an underground party of the Communist Party of China who is in danger and has a complicated identity. He created a credible “three-faced lurker” with a calm and majestic style, who not only … Read more

The Imperfect Victim: Exploring the Realities of Domestic Violence and Female Struggles

The Imperfect Victim: Exploring the Realities of Domestic Violence and Female Struggles

“Imperfect Victim” starring Zhou Xun, Liu Yijun, and Lin Yun is currently on iQiyi. The play starts with a third-party anonymous police case, and Yinger plays Mi Mang, who has been in domestic violence for a long time. With the appearance of the lawyer Lin Kan played by Zhou Xun, Mimang also awakened a little … Read more