PDIP Calls Bambang Widjojanto Impressed by KPK Lobbying About Formula E

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — Member of DPRD DKI Jakarta from the faction PDI Perjuangan Gilbert Simanjuntak criticized the steps of the former two KPK leaders Bambang Widjojanto and Adnan Pandu Praja. According to him, the attitude of Bambang and Adnan Pandu Praja accompanying the DKI Provincial Government and Jakpro to the KPK seemed to be […]

Luhut Spokesperson Says There Are Political Elements Behind Reports to the KPK Regarding the PCR Business

Coordinating Minister for Maritime Affairs Luhut Binsar Pandjaitan. Luhut’s name is associated with the PCR business. (Source: Public Relations Documentation of the Coordinating Ministry for Maritime Affairs and Fisheries) JAKARTA, KOMPAS.TV – Spokesperson for Coordinating Minister for Maritime Affairs Luhut Binsar Pandjaitan, Jodi Mahardi, said that there was a political element behind the accusation that […]

KPK Investigated Allegations of Luxury Toilet Corruption in Bekasi

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — Corruption Eradication Commission (NCP) has asked for information from a number of parties related to the alleged case corruption construction of hundreds of toilets in a number of educational institutions in Bekasi Regency. “It is true that there are reports from the public as submitted to us and we have issued […]

Lawyer Denies Kuansing Regent Has OTT, KPK: It’s OK to Deny

Jakarta – Legal counsel Regent of Kuansing Andi Putra, Dody, denied that the KPK carried out a hand arrest operation (OTT) against his client. The KPK said that the rebuttal was the right of the suspect. “In our opinion, it is okay for the suspect through his PH (legal advisor) to deny, say anything. That’s […]

KPK Names Regent of Kuansing Suspect, Detained for 20 Days

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — Corruption Eradication Commission (NCP) to appoint the Regent of Kuantan Singingi (Kuansing), Riau Province, Andi Putra as a suspect in the alleged bribery case for plantation permits. There is also one person from the private sector who has been named a suspect, namely SDR. They became suspects after being caught in […]

The Seconds of Kuansing Regent Followed by KPK Before OTT Occurred

Pekanbaru – Regent of Kuantan Singingi (Kuansing) Andi Putra was brought to Jakarta by KPK investigators after 17 hours of questioning. The legal adviser recounted that Andi was being followed by KPK investigators. Legal counsel Andi Putra, Dody, said his client departed from Kuantan Singingi to Pekanbaru, Monday (18/10) at around 11.00 WIB. On the […]

OTT KPK in Riau, Investigators Secure Office in Kuantan Singingi

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — The Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK)NCP) again held a Hand Arrest Operation (THERE). This time, the silent operation is targeting the Kuantan Singingi (Kuansing) Regency, North Sumatra Province Riau. “It’s true that the KPK has been active [OTT] In Riau, our team is still conducting investigations,” said Deputy Chairman of the Corruption […]

Regent of Muba Anak Alex Noerdin Reportedly Netted OTT KPK

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — Regent of Musi Banyuasin (Muba), South Sumatra, period 2017-2022, Dodi Reza Alex Noerdin It was reported that the KPK was caught in a sting operation (OTT) on Friday (15/10) night. A source within the KPK who did not want to reveal his identity confirmed the news to Mr CNNIndonesia.com, “Iyak, Regent […]

Syahrial reveals the figure of AKP Robin’s ‘boss’ when collecting bribes, who?

Jakarta – The Mayor of Tanjungbalai, M Syahrial, said that he was a former KPK investigator AKP Stepanus Robin Pattuju often mentions the phrase ‘boss’ when collecting money from Syahrial. Syahrial assessed that the ‘boss’ referred to by AKP Robin was the head of the KPK. Initially, Syahrial admitted that he asked AKP Robin for […]