KPK Regrets Walkot Bekasi Zoom Meeting from Detention Center: We Evaluate!


The KPK regrets that the Mayor of Bekasi is inactive, Grace Effendi alias Pepen for abusing the right to zoom meetings by contacting parties other than the family from within the rutan. Following the incident, the KPK will conduct an evaluation of KPK detainees and detainees.

“However, in this incident, the KPK deeply regrets that the detainee is suspected of meeting online with other parties, as stipulated in the applicable provisions,” said Acting KPK spokesman Ali Fikri to reporters, Thursday (20/1/2022). ).

Ali said he would evaluate detainees to the KPK detention center regarding the online service. So, he said, the KPK could continue to follow the applicable SOPs and still fulfill their detention rights.

“We will evaluate both detainees and the KPK Detention Center, so that the prison service is guided by the applicable provisions and SOPs, while still prioritizing excellent service as the right of prisoners,” he said.

Ali said that actually during the COVID pandemic, online visits still have rules. He ensured that the regulation was contained in PP number 58 of 1999 concerning Conditions and Procedures for Implementing, Authorities, Duties, and Responsibilities for the Care of Prisoners.

“During the COVID-19 pandemic, the KPK made various service adjustments, one of which was prisoner visits which could be done online, while still referring to procedures and procedures,” said Ali.

“KPK has also made provisions regarding the procedures for visiting prisoners at the KPK Detention Center which are socialized to every detainee,” he added.

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