No more corona cases in nursing homes in Hamburg | – Nachrichten – Hamburg

As of: May 19, 2021 8:53 a.m. According to the social authorities, there is no current corona case in the Hamburg nursing homes. That was last at the end of September last year. “Corona has temporarily survived in Hamburg’s nursing homes,” said authority spokesman Martin Helfrich of the dpa news agency. Around 16,000 senior citizens […]

Sensational news about the Pfizer vaccine and mortality

The administration of both doses of the Pfizer vaccine reduced 98% of deaths in nursing homes in Catalonia and 97% of hospitalizations. This shows a study by the Regional Government of Catalonia, researchers from the University of Oxford and the Autonomous University of Barcelona. The study, published in the authoritative scientific journal The Lancet, is […]

New York admits it delayed data on Covid deaths in nursing homes

New York.- The main assistant to the governor of New York, Andrew Cuomo, he admitted in a call with Democratic lawmakers that they delayed the release of data from deaths from coronavirus in nursing homes for fear that the Department of Justice, then under the administration of Donald Trump, could use those numbers “against him.” […]

New York did not count covid-19 deaths from nursing homes

The state of New York has not counted thousands of deaths from the covid-19 registered in nursing homes, that could be up to 50% more than the official ones, according to a report presented today by the state attorney general, Letitia James. The state government places more than 8,500 deaths in residences, but James’s research […]

Russia: Why life in illegal old people’s homes is extremely dangerous

Yevgeny still cannot understand it. It was his first day of work at a small metal dealer in the Siberian town of Borowskij, right after the Christian Orthodox Christmas in Russia. No sooner had he got to work than he saw dark billows of smoke rising from the courtyard opposite. “We went over with other […]

Broad debate about compulsory corona vaccination for nurses | Currently Germany | DW

Bavaria’s Prime Minister Markus Söder met with widespread opposition to the demand that nurses be vaccinated. Söder justified his move with the fact that “too few” employees in old people’s and nursing homes were vaccinated, although the residents there were particularly at risk from the corona virus. Söder said it was about the “protection of […]

Half of nursing homes have had to deal with corona outbreak | NOW

About half of all approximately 2,500 nursing homes in the Netherlands have had to deal with one or more infected residents since the outbreak of the corona epidemic. It concerns nearly 10,600 residents who have been diagnosed with the virus. More than 3,140 infected nursing home residents have been reported dead. Minister Hugo de Jonge […]

Care experts manifesto: Nursing homes not locked again during second wave | NOW

A group of about seventy administrators in aged care and home care, professors and other experts have signed a manifesto calling for nursing homes not to be locked again. The signatories fear that the nursing homes will have to close their doors again during the second wave of the coronavirus, they say. Faithful. The quality […]