Sval Energi makes major acquisitions on the Norwegian shelf

– The sales agreements are in accordance with the strategy of Spirit Energy’s owners to reduce the carbon intensity in the portfolio, says CEO Chris Cox and adds that “Sval Energi is buying a solid business”. The employees in Spirit Energy Norway will be transferred to Sval Energi. Spirit Energy will continue its operations in […]

In Norway, 13 people became infected with Omicron at a corporate event

Фото: Getty Images Norway’s COVID Cases Rise In general, the coronavirus was detected in more than a hundred people who were all evening in one restaurant. In the Norwegian capital, Oslo, 120 people have been confirmed with the coronavirus after visiting a restaurant in the city center. About this on Sunday, December 5, reported TV […]

Norway again imposes measures, people are called to wear masks

PHOTO: pixabay Norway is introducing new measures and recommendations to combat the coronavirus, DPA reported. Citizens are advised to wear masks when using health and social services, on public transport and when shopping, if it is not possible to keep a greater distance, Prime Minister Jonas Gar Store said today. From tomorrow, people living with […]

Terrorist Anders Breivik sends victims letters with ext…

The far-right Norwegian terrorist and mass murderer Anders Breivik sends extracts of his ‘manifesto’ from prison to politicians and victims of his attacks, Norwegian media report. ‘Intimidation’, says the chairman of the victims’ association. Several members of the association supporting survivors of Anders Breivik’s terrorist attacks received letters from the terrorist. The youth wing of […]

Norwegian Postal Service releases gay Santa / GORDON Christmas video

The video is a reference to the romantic comedy When Harry Met Sally, released in 1989. In the story, Santa and his boyfriend Harry have been forging bonds over the course of several years. However, the couple is limited to fleeting meetings due to Santa’s busy schedule, until he turns to Posten for help. The […]