Tanks for Ukraine will help defeat Russian troops – ISW

Analysts note that the supplies will increase mechanized combat operations. “The provision by Western states of main battle tanks to Ukraine will help Ukraine conduct mechanized combat operations to defeat the Russian military and liberate Ukrainian territory,” the report says. Previously, ISW believed the West contributed to Ukraine’s failure to take advantage of Russian troops […]

Morocco handed over T-72B tanks to Ukraine on January 22

In total, the Moroccan army had 148 T-72s, 136 T-72Bs and 12 T-72BKs from the stocks of the Belarusian army acquired in two used batches in 1999 and 2000. At that time, the Moroccan General Staff wanted to create a “Russian” brigade in the north of the country to counter the Algerian armored divisions. The […]

Zakharova: Sending weapons to Ukraine is a dangerous escalation

The spokesman of the Russian Foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova condemned today’s conference of the Defense Contact Group of Ukraine in the Air Force Ramstein base in Germany in a statement released Friday. Zakharova criticized the US for allowing a new 2.5 billion military aid package dollars for Ukraine, as well as the decision of UK […]

Russia is assembling a grouping for an offensive

By the way informed press center of the OPU. It is important for Ukraine that its partners not only know what is happening on the front line, but also receive up-to-date information on its needs and plans, next operations, Yermak said in a briefing after the meeting. The head of the OPU expressed his belief […]

The list of armaments for Ukraine is ready

The list of weapons that Bulgaria can supply to Ukraine is already ready. BNR reports it citing the source. The information has not been officially confirmed. Parliament gave the defense ministry one month to draw up the list, and the interim minister announced that it would be done by the end of last week. What […]

In several cities of our country there was a protest against military aid to Ukraine

An all-Bulgarian march for peace and neutrality was held in several cities of the country, in protest the decision of the National Assembly Bulgaria will provide military aid to Ukrainereported BNT. In Sofia, citizens gathered in front of the National Assembly building. In Varna, nearly 200 people took part in the protest march, which closed […]

What weapons Ukraine needs to end the war – Podolyak announced the list

“We still need 150-200 tanks around 300 armored vehicles, 100 artillery systems, 50-70 multiple launch rocket systems, including the American HIMARS, which Ukraine already has in service, as well as 10-15 anti-missile systems”, – said Podolyak. He also mentioned the American ATACMS missiles with a range of up to 300 kilometerssince the range weapons, which […]