NEOWIZ implements large-scale update “Dark Mirror” for “Skul: The Hero Slayer” for PC Steam discount event is also being held | gamebiz

NEOWIZ has implemented a large-scale update “Dark Mirror Update” for the 2D action game “Skul: The Hero Slayer”. “Skul: The Hero Slayer” expansion pack, “Dark Mirror” content introduced! Since the start of the game service of “Skul: The Hero Slayer”, the “Dark Mirror” update on the largest scale is the “PC version” such as the […]

Support discontinued, Windows 7 and Windows 8 officially retired

As of Tuesday, January 10, 2023, support for Windows 7 and Windows 8 is officially discontinued, The two operating systems can still be used, but they will be more vulnerable to cybersecurity threats because they no longer have adequate protection. #Windows7 #Windows8.1 #Pensiun #Shorts #KompasTekno #Indonesia ———————- Come on, follow the social networks of KompasTekno: […]

SIE Announces ‘Project Leonardo’ PS5 Accessibility Controller Kit

Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE) announced today at the “CES” technology expo in Las Vegas, USA on January 5, that Jim Ryan, President and CEO, will announce the PlayStation 5 (PS5) Accessibility Controller Kit “Project Leonardo (Project Leonardo)” was announced. Project Leonardo is the code name of the new PS5 Accessibility Controller Kit, a fully customizable […]

Asobimo, “ETERNAL” will hold a “New Year Login Bonus” where you can get omikuji and lucky bags! Also held “Beginner Support / Welcome Back Bonus for Login” | gamebiz

Asobimo announced that it will hold a “New Year Login Bonus” where you can receive omikuji and good luck bags to celebrate the new year in “ETERNAL”. In addition, “Beginner Support Login Bonus” and “Welcome Back Login Bonus” are provided for those who play “ETERNAL” for the first time or those who have not played […]

How much is the original price of the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4?

When assembling the Galaxy Z Fold 4, Samsung relies on components made in its own country, i.e. South Korea, with up to 50%. As for the production price, Samsung is estimated to need around Rp. 10.4 million capital to assemble a piece for the Galaxy Z Fold 4. #Samsung #GalaxyZFold4 #SamsungGalaxyZFold4 #KompasTekno #Indonesia ———————- Come […]

Nihon Falcom, The Second Switch Installment “Ys Memoire -Fergana’s Oath-” Released Spring 23 “Ys -Fergana’s Oath-” HD Remaster & Add-ons | gamebiz

Nihon Falcomwill release “Ys Memoire -Fergana’s Oath-“, an HD remastered version of “Ys -Fergana’s Oath-” with additional elements, as the second internal title for Nintendo Switch, in Spring 2023. ■ Information on “Ys Memoire – Oath of Felgana”Released as a PlayStation®Portable (PSP) version in 2010, “Ys -The Oath of Felghana-“, acclaimed as one of the […]

Scientists revive 13 ancient viruses from the frozen lands of Siberia!

Scientists have revived a number of ancient viruses that have been locked away deep in the Siberian permafrost since the Ice Age. While the search is considered risky, according to the team, it poses a noteworthy threat given the growing dangers of melting permafrost and climate change. In a new paper that has not yet […]