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The water level in the Ural River in Orenburg has reached a new maximum

The water in the Ural River in Orenburg has risen 11.29 meters above the normal level, thus exceeding the critical level by two meters, officials inform. In some parts of the city, only the roofs of houses can be seen above the brown body of water.

The representative of local authorities Sergej Balkin told the propaganda agency “RIA Novosti” that the maximum water level in Orenburg will be reached on Friday or Saturday. So far, more than 10,700 of the city’s approximately 400,000 residents have been evacuated. About 11,700 houses were flooded.

Due to the rapid increase in air temperature, snow and ice are melting, which, together with heavy rains, have caused several rivers to overflow in Russia and Kazakhstan.

In Western Siberia, the water level in the Ishim River has reached a dangerous level, according to the authorities of the Tyumen region. Officials predict that the maximum water level in the Ishima and Tobola rivers will be reached on April 23-25.

Residents of several villages were also evacuated in Kurgan and Tomsk regions.

In general, it is estimated that around 100,000 people left their homes due to the floods in Russia and Kazakhstan.

Authorities have said that conditions in Orsk, which was hit hard after the dam burst, have improved and water levels are receding again.

Residents of the flood-affected cities have reportedly expressed their outrage at the resolution of the crisis in some demonstrations, a rarity in Russia under the current government.

There is no direct link between the floods and global warming, but experts say that higher temperatures around the world will lead to heavy rainfall, which is blamed for causing the floods.

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