Prison for parents who do not let their children go to school …

Up to two years in prison awaits parents in Greece who refuse to let their children go to school because of disagreement with the imposed health protocols for COVID-19, writes the local newspaper “Ethnos”. The government is preparing a legal change that provides for imprisonment and consequences for citizens’ parental rights. The request comes from […]

GF Vip, the gesture of Manila Nazzaro for her unborn child

GF Vip 6: the official cast There are pains that cannot be overcome, that remain there – silent – to wear us out inside. That’s what happened to Manila Nazzaro al GF VIP, still struggling with the memory of the child she was expecting from her partner Lorenzo Amoruso and who, unfortunately, she lost in […]

With more than 3,000 cases in three months, the virus is coming to the classroom

Since the start of the school year, 3,438 cases of infection have been detected among students and teachers. It is mainly children of basic education who are affected, because they are not vaccinated. Several deputies are beginning to worry about the epidemiological situation in the school environment given the figures published abroad. Everywhere else, children […]

They eat instant noodles: two children died

Two kids I’m died shortly after eating instant noodles. Keamogetswe Makofane, 13, and her sister Thato Makofane, 9, began to experience severe stomach pain after eating the noodles, prompting the family to take them to the hospital. Read also> The thieves snatch the daughter from his arms and throw her into the pool, a 9-month-old […]

Health – Munich – Bavaria is preparing for vaccinations for children – Bavaria

Munich / Berlin (dpa / lby) – Bavaria is preparing, together with the medical profession and the vaccination centers, to vaccinate children from the age of five. Bavaria’s Minister of Health, Klaus Holetschek, pointed this out in Berlin on Wednesday evening. The CSU politician announced: “We are here in close consultation with the professional association […]

Too few women in China

Women and girls are in the minority of the young generation in China. Photo: RG72 / CC-BY-SA-4.0 Fewer and fewer children are being born in the Middle Kingdom. The population will soon begin to shrink China’s population grew only minimally in 2020 and is now 1.412 billion. The number of births fell again. Like the […]

NY Times: A bleak future awaits migrants deported from Belarus in Iraq

He returned to Iraq this weekend and, having just been deported from Belarus, was sitting on the cold floor of a small unfinished concrete house. Nearby was a little boy, one of a dozen children, crammed into a house trying to warm his hands to a single broken kerosene heater. Shamsaldin, a simple worker, and […]