Advancement: Darío Barassi will have a spectacular program this Sunday

“100 Argentines Say”, the question and answer program that won not only the affection of the public, thanks to the humor and sympathy of Darius Barassi, but also the rating of the afternoon. Although it has a poor rating this year, Channel 13 supports its small successes. For this reason, they continue betting on the […]

Channel 13 would have decided to suspend the rerun of one of its announced soap operas

The coronavirus pandemic caused television channels to adapt to the new reality, with remote programs invited by applications such as Zoom and the suspension of ongoing productions. This is how Canal 13 The current season of “Dancing for a Dream” was suspended indefinitely and as a replacement it was agreed to re-release the channel’s successful […]

Jorge Valdivia is again moved to see the obtaining of the 2015 Copa América

During these weeks, Channel 13 has broadcasted the Chilean campaign in the 2015 Copa América, which culminated in the first official trophy for La Roja. And this Sunday it was the turn of the summit match: against Argentina in the final at the National Stadium, where La Roja suffered but was crowned. On that occasion, […]