Bun, these are facts about the mutation of the Corona in England-South Africa that you must know

Jakarta – The latest Corona virus variant or mutation in England and South Africa (South Africa) has recently made a scene. One of the reasons is that this new variant is said to be more contagious and has been found in Indonesia, namely D614G. Now Mother, there are several facts about this new variant or … Read more

These Are 5 Signs You Are Rarely Realized For If A Person Has COVID-19

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Until now, the corona virus is still a new thing for the community. Many also do not know how it is transmitted, the symptoms and signs of infection. Apparently, there are several signs that a person does not realize if he has been infected with COVID-19. Usually, someone who is exposed … Read more

Awas Bun, These 5 Common Complaints Are Also Symptoms of COVID-19

Jakarta – Case COVID-19 in Indonesia until now it still tends to increase. Lack of public discipline towards health protocols is one reason cases continue to grow, Mother. In addition, the low level of public awareness regarding the symptoms of COVID-19 is another reason. Given that some of the symptoms of COVID-19 are similar to … Read more

Called the New Symptoms of Corona, These 3 Factors Trigger Delirium

Jakarta – Delirium is said to be one of the new symptoms experienced by COVID-19 patients, especially the elderly. Delirium is a serious disorder of mental abilities that results in confusion and reduced awareness. A person experiencing delirium will find it difficult to think, concentrate, remember, and have trouble sleeping. Launch Mayo ClinicThe symptoms of … Read more

Before Immunization, This is an Important Strategy to Follow

Jakarta, Insertlive – Immunization expert dr. Jane Soepardi said since a long time the immunization program in Indonesia has succeeded in preventing infectious diseases. Diseases that have been prevented include measles, diphtheria and pneumonia. “So our society must be continuously given knowledge about what diseases have been successfully prevented by immunization. Don’t forget to avoid … Read more

Not a scuba, this is a type of cloth mask that is effective against Covid

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) emphasizes that #pakaimasker not only protects others but also protects oneself. “The evidence is that the more layers the mask works better in terms of reducing risk for everyone,” said Harvard environmental health researcher Joseph Gardner Allen, launching CNN International in Jakarta, Saturday … Read more

Panic Again, China Finds Corona Virus in Imported Meat Products

Jakarta, Insertlive – As the first country who contracted Covid-19, now China is considered clean of the virus. However, China has recently been panicked again. This is because the Jinan City authorities in eastern China said they had again discovered the corona virus The virus was again found in imported beef and tripe from Brazil, … Read more

COVID-19 is no longer a pandemic but a syndrome, what does it mean?

Jakarta, Insertlive – The World Health Organization or WHO had prescribes Corona virus which occurred almost all over the world is as a global pandemic. There are already tens of millions of people infected with the virus. Several countries are still struggling to prevent transmission and eliminate the virus. The high number of Corona cases … Read more