The Avignon Festival seized by indiscipline

REPORT – Dance, circus, music and theater come together to create works that have a taste for risk. One of the most encouraging things about the Festival d’Avignon is the lack of discipline. It is the golden word of the acrobats who hurtle down the streets in rather modest parades this year. It is also […]

Historical reenactment professionals demonstrate in costume in Avignon

Musicians, falconers, infantrymen and other buccaneers, around 400 representatives of the re-enactment trades went on a crusade in the streets of Avignon on Saturday to denounce the consequences of health restrictions. It is to beat the pavement that they put on their chasubles of clerks or their capes of rascals. Vikings, knights, pirates or serfs: […]

A theater company facing the coronavirus

The presentation of the characters is essential. Les Indiscrets is first and foremost a duo, Jean-Louis Baille playing and Lucie Gougat directing. They are accompanied by their former classmates, the light designer, Franck Roncière, and the actor Dario Costa, present since the birth of the company in 1994. Other faithful artists and technicians will join […]