Believe it or not, Neanderthals once lived in Princess Diana’s house

LONDON – The late Princess Diana and Neanderthal early humans indeed time apart up to 40,000 years. But an archaeological dig has found evidence that Neanderthals once lived in Princess Diana’s childhood home. An archaeological dig at Althorp, where the late Diana Spencer grew up, the team found an ancient trash heap containing 40,000-year-old ornamental […]

Oldest Magic Book Found In 3,500 Year Old Ancient Tablet

JAKARTA – Archaeologist has just uncovered the mystery of the carvings on ancient Babylonian tablets 3,500 years ago stored in the British Museum. It is known that the ancient tablet is an ancient magic book belonging to an exorcist. According to the Curator of the British Museums Department, Dr Irving Finkel said the tab was […]

The time of the origin of the oldest bad habit is named

Photo: Wild tobacco flower The inhabitants of North America began to use tobacco about 12 thousand years ago, and not three thousand years ago, as previously thought. American archaeologists from the Far West Anthropological Research Group excavated a hunter-gatherer site in Utah, and discovered charred tobacco seeds that are believed to have been used […]

Israel Discovers the World’s Largest Winery in the Byzantine Era

loading… TEL AVIV – Israel discovered a 1,500 year old wine-making complex which was the largest in the world at the time. The findings were announced by archaeologists on Tuesday (12/10/2021). Five presses were dug at a large Byzantine-era winery in Yavne, south of Tel Aviv, which produces an estimated two million liters of wine […]

Thousands of 7,000-Year-Old Animal and Human Bones Found

KAIRO – group archeology found thousands of human and animal bones in a cave in Saudi Arabia. As reported by The Sun, the pile of bones was found in a large underground tunnel known as Umm Jirsan. READ ALSO – Strong Reasons Experts Call Giant Snakes Still Live in the Amazon and Borneo The research […]

Michigan Boy Finds 11,000 Year Old Mastodon Teeth

MICHIGAN – A six year old boy in Michigan, United States has discovered fossil teeth of mastodons, ancient mammals that lived in North and Central America about 11,000 years ago. WDIV reports, six-year-old Julian Gagnon made the surprising discovery while walking with his family at Dinosaur Hill Preserve in Rochester Hills, Michigan. “I just felt […]

2,700 Years Old Toilet Found in Israel, Only Crazy Rich Owns

Jerusalem – Old times, toilet turns out to determine a person’s wealth status. An ancient latrine in Jerusalem is proof of that. Recently, a team of Israeli archaeologists managed to find a latrine or toilet (water closet) which is believed to be a relic of a civilization that lived 2,700 years ago. Reportedly Associated Press, […]

In Finland, found an ancient sword in the backyard

A Bronze Age sword, broken into seven pieces, was discovered in the historic village of Panelia in southwestern Finland. Its age ranges from 2000 to 4000 years The historic find was found in the backyard. Photo: The sword was discovered in late July by Matti Rintamaan, who had bought his first metal detector just […]

Roman Empire Gladiator Arena Seat Found in Turkey

ISTANBUL – For archaeologist The Turks found an 1,800 year old stone chair in a gladiatorial arena from the Roman Empire. Two chairs with carved inscriptions were found during an excavation project at the Pergamon Ancient Amphitheater, Turkey. Reported Live Science, Monday (4/10/2021), an excavation project funded by the German Research Foundation found two chairs […]

The Cave Where the Last Neanderthal Man Was Found, Its Contents Shocking

GIBRALTAR – Archaeologist discovered a secret cave chamber in Gibraltar that was covered in sand for about 40,000 years. Scientists estimate this is the last secret cave chamber where Neanderthals lived. “Given that the sand that seals the chamber is 40,000 years old, the cave must be older, possibly where Neanderthals lived in Eurasia from […]