Record frosts recorded in southern Africa

In South Africa, frost and snow fell There were no such low temperature indicators in the region for the entire period of meteorological observations. For the first time in several years, snow fell. In the central part of South Africa, where it is now winter, meteorologists last night recorded record temperatures below zero, writes TASS. […]

Originally scheduled for 2017 “Resurrection”!The regrettable situation of the rich becoming the world’s first freezing man exposed-International-China Times News

In the Marvel movie “Captain America”, the protagonist was frozen after falling into a glacier, and was awakened only after sleeping for seventy years. In real life, there are actually many people who spend huge sums of money to make themselves or their partners a frozen person. The American rich man James Hiram Bedford was […]

the freeze is ended and the quota should increase by 51% in February

On January 31, the freezing of the UVA mortgage loan installments expires, which have remained fixed since September 2019. Because they are loans that are characterized by the fact that the principal owed and the resulting installment are adjusted for inflation, it is calculated that the fee to be paid in February must increase by […]

Christmas under the snow in the northeastern United States

Ursula Pamela Garcia Yesterday 5 min The two winter storms recorded so far this month have left destructive effects in the northeastern United States. He Meteorologic service The American had already planned a snowy Christmas several days in advance. During Tuesdays and Wednesdays the The Weather Channel which named a new winter storm as ‘Harold’, […]

Putin at the G20 summit named the main risks for the world :: Politics :: RBC

Vladimir Putin (Photo: Alexey Nikolsky / TASS) Mass unemployment and poverty remain the main risks to the world, President Vladimir Putin said at the virtual G20 summit. “The main risk, of course, remains the likelihood, despite some positive signals, the main risk will still remain massive long-term, so-called stagnant mass unemployment. With the subsequent growth […]