Supreme Court: Sharleyne’s mother’s conviction final | Inland

In January last year, the court in Leeuwarden sentenced J. to nine years and nine months on appeal. The judges are convinced that she pushed or dropped her daughter from a flat in Hoogeveen. The 42-year-old J. denies having anything to do with Sharleyne’s death and appealed to the Supreme Court. According to her lawyer, there is also insufficient evidence.

The Supreme Court assesses whether lower courts have correctly applied the law. The court in Leeuwarden has done this, according to the Supreme Court. Therefore, the case does not need to be redone. This was also the advice of the Advocate General to the Supreme Court, which also proposed to reduce the sentence because the procedure took longer due to the late submission of documents.

It is the second sentence reduction for J. The court had already imposed a lower sentence than the requirement of the Public Prosecution Service (ten years) in connection with the long duration.

Sharleyne was found lifeless at the bottom of a flat in Hoogeveen in the night of 7 to 8 June 2015. She lived with her mother on the tenth floor. J. told the court that she had been awakened by a draft from an open window. Then she saw Sharleyne lying at the bottom of the flat. J. was arrested outside in a confused state and with a lot of drink.

Initially, the case was dropped. When Sharleyne’s stepfather forced prosecution through legal proceedings, the investigation continued and J. was arrested in 2017. The court in Assen subsequently acquitted the mother, but the Public Prosecution Service appealed to the court in Leeuwarden. The court reached a conviction.

J. also brought up the compensation of 20,000 euros awarded to the stepfather for shock damage to the Supreme Court. She is also wrong about this. For the stepfather, the Supreme Court verdict is “the end of a long and grueling road to justice for his daughter”, according to his lawyer Sébas Diekstra.

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