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China is relaxing entry rules for the first time. On site, however, little will change for the time being.

There are hardly any restrictions on travel to Singapore and Thailand. Other countries in the region will follow, but China remains committed to the zero-Covid strategy. Until recently, the metropolis of Shanghai was in lockdown for about two months, combined with quarantine for millions of citizens. After all, the government is now relaxing entry rules for the first time since the beginning of the pandemic, such as the daily News reported.

Just a first step?

While most countries have gradually opened their borders, China is sticking to the corona crisis course of the past two years. Individual metropolises are still quarantined for several weeks. An app decides on the possibility of traveling within the country. If this changes to yellow or even red, there is a risk of several quick and PCR tests, and of course quarantine. So far, travelers to China have also had to go into quarantine.

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So far, the quarantine period is 21 days in total. The main part of the quarantine has to be spent in a hotel. Travelers then have to go into a three-day quarantine in their own four walls. However, that is changing. Because the quarantine period will be reduced from 21 to a total of seven days. However, the subsequent three-day quarantine at home remains in place. The same applies to the other editions. Some Chinese metropolises have already reduced the quarantine period to a total of ten days.

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But what that means for tourism is self-evident. Despite the shortened quarantine period, more tourists should not come to China. This is ensured on the one hand by the restrictive and sudden measures on site, on the other hand by the few international flights to China. As part of the measures, international airlines had to massively restrict traffic and are only allowed to fly to China within a narrow framework. In addition, the strict requirements also apply to them. This in turn leads to planning uncertainty, which is why Lufthansa has now completely stopped the majority of flights.

Conclusion on China’s easing

Despite the shortened quarantine period, more tourists should not rush to China. Perhaps the first easing of entry rules in a little over two years will at least ensure that more business travelers will fly to China again. Nevertheless, it should be noted that strict measures are still being taken on site to contain the virus. China is pursuing the zero-Covid strategy and does not seem to want to deviate from it for the time being.


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