Allowances affair mainly affected families with a migration background | Inland

The statistical office for the first time looked at the backgrounds of the victims in the allowance affair. About 10,000 households were affected by the affair in the years studied. During that period, they received a (first) collection from the Tax Authorities to repay the childcare allowance they had received.

70% of the affected households have a migration background. In half of the cases it concerns a single-parent family. One third of the families involved have a low income. A large part of the victims has roots in Suriname and the Caribbean Netherlands. Many families have to get by on social assistance benefits and some have debts.

Earlier, CBS announced that at least 1,675 children of parents affected by the allowance affair have been removed from their homes. These figures cover the period from 2015 to 2021. The actual number of children placed out of home may be even higher. The CBS only knows that children have been removed from home if this has been done through a youth protection measure pronounced by the court. Follow-up research should show whether aggrieved ‘support families’ had a greater chance of being confronted with a child protection measure (with or without a custodial placement) than non-damaged families, with as many similar characteristics and circumstances as possible.

In the allowance affair, tens of thousands of parents were wrongly suspected of fraud with childcare allowance from 2005 onwards. They got into financial problems because they had to repay a lot of money to the tax authorities.

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