Study: Earth Reaches Hotest Temperature in the Last 12 Thousand Years

This conflict undermines confidence in the climate model.

But it found that the data only reflect hotter summers and missed winters, and also provide very high annual temperatures.

“We show that global mean annual temperatures have increased over the last 12,000 years, contrary to previous results,” said Samantha Bova, of Rutgers University – New Brunswick in the US, who led the research.

“This means that a period of modern human-induced global warming accelerated the increase in global temperatures in the long term, leaving a region that is currently completely uncharted. It changes the ground and emphasizes how important it is to take our situation seriously. “

The world today is probably warmer than at any time since about 125,000 years ago, which was the last warm period between ice ages. However, scientists cannot be sure because there is only a small amount of data relating to that time.

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