Stiff person syndrome is a rare disorder that has no cure. Get to know it

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There are many strange and rare diseases that a good number of people around the world suffer from.. Until now, science has not reached their causes or even methods of treatment.. One of those diseases is the stiff person syndrome. So what do you know about it?

Stiff person syndrome is a rare, chronic neurological disorder. There is no specific group affected by the disease, but it often affects women between the ages of 20 and 50. So are the children. The disease causes deformities in the organs of the body as a result of hardening that gradually spreads after it affects the trunk muscles.

People with “stiff man syndrome” suffer from very disturbing symptoms that prevent movement and a comfortable life, most notably:

• back bend.

• Unable to move

Chronic pain

• Difficulty walking and an imbalance that may result in falling to the ground

• Severe muscle pain and stiffness

• Very sensitive to smell.

• Highly sensitive to touch.

• Emotional disorder

Unfortunately, there is currently no cure for stiff person syndrome, so doctors focus on giving people with this condition as many pain medications as possible. These medications include pain relievers, muscle relaxants, steroids, sedatives, and medications to boost the immune system.

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