OneOdio Focus A10 Active Noise Canceling Headphones Review

For a long time I have not studied full-size headphones with active noise reduction, but, meanwhile, these devices are very popular, because if it is not recommended to use full-size headphones on the street for safety reasons, then at home, on a train or on an airplane, full-size headphones with good noise reduction are definitely better they didn’t come up with anything, because the noise reduction systems even in the coolest TWS headphones cannot be compared with similar systems in full sizes.

The hero of our today’s review is full-size headphones OneOdio Focus A10, which, among other things, are interesting in that they also have a special “transparency” mode. However, this is not to say that there is something sensational in this – in the same full-sized Sony WH-1000X M3, the “transparency” mode was present back in 2019 – but the A10 are inexpensive, have decent characteristics, so it makes perfect sense with this model get to know each other, which we are going to do now.


Type: full size, wireless and wired
Emitter: dynamic, 40 mm
Impedance: 32 Ohm
Frequency range: 20 – 20000 Hz
Audio codecs: SBC, AAC
Wireless connection: Bluetooth v5.0
Noise suppression: There is
Transparency mode: There is
Microphone: There is
Management: push-button
Range: up to 10 meters
Autonomy: up to 35 hours with noise reduction, up to 45 hours without it
Multipoint: There is
Price: 6 thousand rubles in Yandex.Market, €64 on Aliexpress

Contents of delivery

Packing from a qualitative dense cardboard.

We open the box, there is such a tight case for carrying headphones, inside of which is everything else.

Complete set: headphones, case, charging cable, meter audio cable, user manual. Headphones are foldable, in the case can be fixed with a special elastic band.

Standard over-ear headphone design. Soft headband made of eco-leather, the rim is made of plastic, ear cups are made of metal and high-quality matte plastic.

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Horizontally, the ear cups rotate 90 degrees (for folding), vertically deviate up to 45 degrees (to adjust the fit on the head).

The ear cushions (non-replaceable) are also made of soft eco-leather, the left and right earphones are marked on the fabric surface of the speakers.

The rim is adjustable: it can be extended up to three and a half centimeters on each side.

Headphone control – push-button. On the right earpiece: volume control, on / off wireless connection with LED, audio output, noise-canceling microphone (the microphone is on the side of the speaker).

On the left earpiece there is a noise reduction button with an LED, a Type-C port for charging the headphones.

The charging process is shown by the LED next to the noise canceling button.

Work devices

The headphones sit well on the head, however, in my opinion, the fit is harsh: they fit to the ears a little more than necessary – the same Sony WH-1000X M3 sit a little softer. However, this is all very, very individual, you always need to try first.

When you turn on the wireless mode, the headphones go into pairing mode if they have not been paired with something before, and are connected to the source using the AAC codec. The connection is reported in English in a pleasant female voice.


Power button: long press – on / off / pairing, one press – play / pause, it is also the answer to a call or hang up in headset mode. The volume buttons, with a long press, switch tracks – previous or next.

The noise reduction button switches between three modes: “transparency” mode, noise reduction, noise reduction off.


First, about the sound in wired mode. Not bad. Bright and tight bass, which, however, lacks some detail, the middle is slightly failed, but the sound density is decent, the highs cannot boast of too much detail, but, in general, the highs are quite clear. That is, nothing outstanding (and it was not expected for such money), but for this price category it is quite normal.

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Now about the wireless mode. There are very few differences from the wired mode. Also quite bright, albeit slightly vague bass. The middle sounds a little brighter, perhaps. The highs are very good, but they would like more detail.

Interestingly, both noise reduction modes have practically no effect on the nature of the sound, except that the basses become a little muffled, and the highs become a little more detailed.


When the noise canceling is turned off, the headphones naturally noticeably muffle external noise – the properties of any full size.

When you turn on the “transparency” mode, you perfectly hear everything that happens around you, as if there are no headphones on your head at all. And this, of course, is a very useful mode for using such headphones on the street, in an airport building, and so on. With the Sony WH-1000X M3, I use the transparency mode all the time when traveling and I know how useful it is.

With the noise canceling on, the headphones are very effective at removing ambient noise, especially its low-frequency component. In a train, in an airplane, noise is extinguished very effectively. I compared the noise reduction mode with the Sony WH-1000X M3 noise reduction – and so, I don’t see much difference. In terms of sound, the difference is noticeable, in terms of noise reduction – no.


In the wireless headset mode (voice talk), the audibility was downright good. I heard the callers perfectly, the callers said that they also heard me very well, and that it was not even clear that I was talking through a wireless headset.

I checked the conversation in a noisy environment (on the street in the city center) – I also got decent results: I heard the subscribers well, and they heard my voice quite clearly.

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The developer claims 35 hours of autonomy with noise reduction turned on – yes, it is very similar. Without noise reduction turned on, the headphones were discharged by a little more than 2% per hour, so it is quite likely that they will last 45 hours in this mode.

To fully charge from scratch, these headphones take two hours, charging power is 2 watts.

Observations at work and conclusions

Well, first of all, I must say that the tighter fit than the Sony WH-1000X M3 did not lead to any noticeable problems: I would not say that when using these headphones, I was noticeably more tired.

The headphones kept the connection stable, I did not observe any breaks even in conditions of strong “noise” in the wireless range. You get used to the controls very quickly, it is convenient to use. The power button has a special notch, which makes it easy to identify the button by touch, so it will not be confused with the volume buttons.

In one of the reviews I read that the headphones do not “remember” the height adjustment well – this was not confirmed for me: there is a quite intelligible fixation on 5 mm segments, and then the rim racks do not move anywhere.

What’s in general? The headphones look good, are made of quality materials, work both in wired and wireless modes, have good noise reduction and transparency mode, have a tight carrying case, are conveniently controlled and demonstrate good and fairly even sound quality. For such a price level – quite an interesting option, in my opinion.

PS When buying on the official site the manufacturer also gives a 20% discount when using the code ONE20%SP.

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