Officially. UAF is studying the collaborative actions of Zubov, Ivaniseni, Vitsenets and others

The Control and Disciplinary Committee of the UAF adopted a number of decisions to ban any activity related to football (administrative, sports, etc.) on the territory of Ukraine for life to persons who cooperate with the occupation authorities in the temporarily occupied territories.

Gennady Zubov

In particular, such a sanction was applied to the president of the IC “Tavria” Simferopol Repilevsky E.V., coach Shevchenko S.V., arbitration observers Tolmachev S.I., Muravyov A.V.

The UAF SCC is also handling cases of possible violations of the UAF Code of Ethics and Fair Play by football players and coaches who continue to work on the territory of the aggressor country or moved there after Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine. Among them are football players Ivanisenya D.A., Masalov A.A., futsal player Ivanyak E.V., coaches Vytsenets V.V., Zubov G.A. and other citizens of Ukraine.

The Ukrainian Football Association asks the media and all concerned citizens to report on the revealed facts of cooperation between the subjects of Ukrainian football and the aggressor state. needs support. Contacting site visitors

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