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State of exception will be extended for 30 more days in Ecuador – 2024-02-29 08:17:27

Salinas (Santa Elena), February 23, 2024.- . The President of the Republic, Daniel Noboa Azin, from the Salinas Naval Base, spoke this morning, February 23, 2024, with the members of the Armed Forces (FF.AA.). In his speech he expressed: “We are living in a crucial moment for the country and democracy, not only because we are building the foundations of a New Ecuador, but we are defeating narcoterrorism and organized crime.” Photographs: Carlos Silva/ Presidency of the Republic

The president of the Republic, Daniel Noboawill extend the Exception status for thirty more days, starting March 8, as reported by the newspaper El Universo, based on statements by Noboa himself to El Universo and Radio City, from the same group.

“We have to extend it for 30 more days”has said Noboa. “We have not yet resolved all the problems, but this state of exception has allowed us, as a Government, through the Armed Forces and the Police, to have greater control”.

“This control period is needed, that’s why we are going to extend it.” With this extension, the state of emergency will end on April 7.

The state of emergency was declared by the president of Ecuador, Daniel Noboa, following a wave of violence by organized crime, where an armed group took over a television channel during a live broadcast and simultaneous riots in several prisons, including the Latacunga prison.

In those riots there were 200 hostages, including police and prison guards, who managed to be freed, while at least 90 prisoners managed to escape, most of them from the Esmeraldas and Riobamba prisons.

Fabricio Colón Pico, alleged leader of the criminal gang Los Lobos, escaped from the Riobamba prison, while before the outbreak of violence José Adolfo Macías Villamar (‘Fito’), the leader of the Guayaquil Regional Prison, did the same. Los Choneros gang, who was serving a 34-year prison sentence for drug trafficking, homicide and organized crime.

LATACUNGA (ECUADOR), 02/22/2024.- Inmates perform exercises during a press tour of the Cotopaxi prison, this Thursday in Latacunga (Ecuador). More than a month and a half after the “internal armed conflict” against organized crime was declared in Ecuador, the prisons remain under the control of the Armed Forces to wrest internal control of the prisons from criminal gangs. EFE/ José Jácome

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