Standing abs, how to do this exercise correctly to slim your waist

The decision of start exercising It is one of the best that any person could take. It not only helps you define your figure, it also brings numerous benefits to your health. Getting your body to work better, your heart to be stronger and to release stress.

That is why it is essential to lead an active life, which away from sedentary lifestyle It can lead to serious problems. In addition, combining these workouts with a balanced diet we can see how their results multiply.

Exercise is always recommended. (Bruce Mars for Unsplash)
Exercise is always recommended. (Bruce Mars for Unsplash)

A good idea is to start with those exercises that make us feel good after a training session, with whom we see that we are working at ease. Now that home workouts are booming, there are bound to be many who enjoy practicing.

An exciting one opens before us range of options that seems to have no end and with which we can achieve that our training suits us perfectly.

That is the case of ABSWhen they recommend that we lie down on the floor, they always indicate that we do it on a padded surface, so as not to hurt ourselves. However, If we do not feel well in this position, we can choose to perform them standing up.

Sit-up crunches

There are some exercises that you can perform standing with which you will work the abdominal area, achieving a firmer belly and a slimmer waist. While you are doing it, it is important that you pay attention to this area to make sure that it works during exercise.

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Stand upright with your legs shoulder width apart and put your hands behind your head. Raise the knee to hip height and try to touch it with the shoulder of the opposite arm. Then repeat with the other leg. To be effective, You must do it with your back straight and the core activated.

To work the abdominals crossed, you must spread your legs a little more. Raise your hands above your head and hold them together as you lower them to the outside of the foot, slightly flexing your knees.

Make sure that you keep the abdominal area activated, the back is straight and the arms are stretched. You can help yourself by holding a dumbbell.

You can also stand upright, with the legs apart and stretch one arm up. The other one is supported on the hip. Raise the knee on the same side that you have stretched and, at the same time, lower the elbow until it meets the knee. Repeat several times with the same side and then change.

Enter these exercises into your routine to get strong abs that, in addition to being beautiful, help us at other levels. For example, to reduce back pain, improve posture, balance and protect internal organs. All advantages!


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