Bulgarian class truck driver in Great Britain

The Bulgarian will be sent to a psychiatric clinic A young Bulgarian repeatedly stabbed a truck driver in the chest, legs and head. The incident took place in Pirelli’s logistics office, where 20-year-old Martin Bozhkov worked. While the victim, the Czech Michael Kadczyk, was waiting for his trailer to be loaded with tires, the Bulgarian […]

Swollen feet don’t have to be

Oh dear, the shoes suddenly don’t fit anymore because the feet are so thick. Often the legs are also swollen. Seniors in particular have to struggle with it. What is the reason? One answer lies in the dwindling performance of the veins. The veins in the legs decrease with age. This leads to chronic venous […]

KEV fans are celebrating their comeback in the Yayla Arena

August 13, 2021 at 9:20 pm Krefeld penguins : KEV fans are celebrating their comeback in the Yayla Arena The north stand will not be as full as it is here on Sunday. But the KEV fans will still provide the necessary support there. Photo: Lammertz, Thomas (lamm) Krefeld On Sunday at the season opening […]

Influencer with handicap: inclusion on Instagram – Rems-Murr-Kreis

Hülya Marquardt looks after her little son at home – thanks to the Internet, the 37-year-old has fans all over the world. Photo: Gottfried Stoppel 37-year-old Hülya Marquardt from Weissach im Tal lives without legs. She is now the patron of the “Living Diaries” project, which tells stories from people with a migration background and […]

You have to copy the ‘lengthening legs’ trick of Anita Matamoros

It is clear that all that glitters is not gold on Instagram. And we are not referring to the jewelry worn by the famous because in the case of The Weeknd it is clear that the ring that has been made for the Super Bowl shines more than the gold teeth worn by Rosalía. We […]

Mía Rubín Legarreta hits with a photo on Instagram

Millennium Digital Mexico City / 15.02.2021 13:36:35 As time goes! Mia and Nina, daughters of Andrea Legarreta Y Erik Rubín They have shown great talent despite their young age. Little Nina, who turned 14 last January, participates in the telenovela Do you remember me?, her acting debut. In the meantime, Mine rubin, who will turn […]

Home gym, how to stay fit with Francesca Belussi – Libero Quotidiano

01 February 2021 Influence him Francesca Belussi explains to Free the secrets to stay in shape with a few exercises even from home: < total crunch it is more practical and less cumbersome than exercise bikes and treadmills. Both legs and arms work at the same time abdominals. It takes 10 minutes a day to do […]

Still have enough energy in your legs!

Munich (ots) – The Adler Mannheim are in attack mode at the MagentaSport Cup. Marc Michaelis announced after the 4-2 draw against Schwenninger Wild Wings: “We still have three games ahead of us and we still have enough energy in our legs to go full throttle.” Competitor EHC Red Bull Munich is 0: 2 deficit […]