Stan van Samang speaks for the first time since hoopla: “My ki …

“I’m going to say something about this one more time and then it’s over.” Stan Van Samang said this Friday in the morning show of Peter Van De Veire on MNM. He wants to pick up the thread of life again, the fuss surrounding the leaked nude photos. “The world has kept turning. I want to put this behind me. ”

“I realize all too well that I made a mistake,” says the singer. “A big stupid mistake. I hope it will be the biggest mistake of my life. But I made them. And I’m not so much the biggest victim, that’s my girlfriend and kids. Just like my family, friends and fans. They too will refrain from this. ” Van de Veire, whose photos and videos also leaked, agrees “for 300%”.

And that is precisely why Van Samang wants to go on with his life again. Friday evening will be on stage again for the first time since the leakage of the images. “I would like to leave this behind. (…) I am still a singer and I want to keep doing that until the end of my life. So go ahead with the goat. ”

His loyal fans will certainly be present on Friday night. “These were difficult days, but life goes on”, a super fan said earlier to the newspaper. Van Samang is looking forward to it incredibly, even if with a small heart. “I’m never really nervous about a performance, but my heart is already pounding in my throat. It’s going to be weird, but I’m really looking forward to it. It feels like it was years ago. I eagerly await what that performance will do to me, because I am a very emotional person. ”

“You are surrounded by fantastic people, as is the case with me,” says Van De Veire. “It’s going to be special for one second, and then you’re going to be the best Stan of Samang you can be on stage and get an overwhelming round of applause.”


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