SSD and hard disk: the best offers of Prime Day 2020

The big day has finally arrived and we are sure that you have already taken a look at the many offers that the e-commerce giant has made available for these two unforgettable days, offers that, remember, can only be exploited if you are subscribed to Amazon Prime. If you have not yet subscribed, you can sign up now and take advantage of 30 day trial totally free, but above all to be able to access fantastic discounts on a wide selection of products, including SSD e hard disk, who will be the protagonists of this news.

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As well as other items, SSDs and hard drives also receive adequate treatment, with discounts targeting numerous models, such as the Crucial MX500 in the 2TB variant, which is proposed on this occasion for only 186,35€, an opportunity not to be missed, given that the average price of this variant has always been well over € 200.00. It is a Internal 2.5-inch SSD that will give your PC that extra edge and that will allow you to start programs at a much higher speed than the classic hard disk, useful for giving new life to an old computer, but also effective to further speed up an already PC good performance. Not surprisingly, this is one of those models that is also chosen by gaming enthusiasts, which also require high performance in this respect and not only on the processor and video card. The Crucial MX500 it offers very high writing and reading speeds, with both that superano i 500 mb/s.

The model is also worth mentioning Crucial BX500, also proposed in the variant from ben 2TB, which can be purchased for just 159,00€ instead of 186.12 €. Also in this, we are faced with the lowest price ever for this specific model which, unlike the first, is only slightly slower, reaching a maximum speed of 540 mb / s instead of 560 mb / s.

Amazon offered

We have mentioned two of u’s SSDsno of the largest storage manufacturers in the world, but obviously these aren’t the only ones to be offered on Prime Day, and that’s why we have compiled a list below that contains other models that are equally worth considering. Furthermore, we remind you – as always – to subscribe to ours four Telegram channels dedicated to offers, where you will be constantly updated on the latest offers related to technology, hardware, smartphone and products Chinese, come Huawei e Xiaomi. If you are looking for discount coupons to use for your purchases, take a look at our special page Discount Codes.

The best Prime Day deals on SSDs and hard drives

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