Meiland housekeeper Nadège finds a new job as a pizza baker

It was a great disappointment for Nadège when the Meiland family announced that they were moving to Hengelo and would not take her with them. She has now found a new job through the employment agency that previously sent her to the chateau. Several even.

Nadège worked as a cleaning lady for a local doctor. She also works in a company canteen and bakes pizzas in the evenings. Very beautifull! She is very happy with it herself, after the difficult time she went through. “I was treated by a doctor, who even prescribed antidepressants. We are now five months later and I can say that everything is okay again,” Nadège says. The Telegraph.

Nadège loves the variety between her jobs. “I go from one to the other. The last one who joined is at a pizza baker. Not a restaurant, but a kiosk. I take the orders and bake the pizzas. I love Italian food myself, so I know exactly how to make them. “

Because Nadège had to leave the chateau, a real media frenzy arose around the housekeeper and the Meiland family. In the video below, Maxime explains why Nadège was so angry.

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