Spoiled but a snake? Syahrini allegedly exposed Aisyahrani’s dark misfortune before her marriage: she pretended to be pregnant by force …

Hops.ID – Sister’s name Syahrini, Aisharani get dragged together into the whirlwind of the older brother’s house Kingdom of Barracks.

It is suspected that if Aisharani she was pregnant before marrying her now husband, Jeffry Gioveni.

Called by Papa Laurens, a man who claims to be an adoptive father Syahrini Self Aisharani she faked her pregnancy test results so she could marry Jeffry Gioveni.

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In the narration, Papa Laurens does not name names Syahrini And Aisharani. However, she has given nicknames to the two of them, namely the princess and her sister.

In his words, Syahrini tell me if Aisharani she faked her pregnancy to force Jeffry Gioveni to marry her.

“Princess (Syahrini) once told me that his younger sister (Aisharani), before getting married, the younger sister had pretended to be pregnant to easily force the man, who is now her husband, to be willing to marry her,” Papa Laurens said on Tuesday, quoted by Instagram social media account @lambe_danu_official99 , December 6, 2022.

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Syahrini she also continued that the pregnancy test kit showed Aisharani being pregnant is not hers but her friend’s.

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