KD Happy Azriel came to his house, greeted by Raul Lemos’s comments that made him cool


Recently, Krisdayanti (KD) shared a special moment, Mother. The second child from his marriage to Anang Hermansyah, Azriel, came to visit his house.

KD’s arrival was certainly warmly welcomed by KD. In fact, Azriel also looks familiar with his two younger siblings, Amora and Kellen.

KD showed off the moment on Instagram, Mother. In the portrait, Raul Lemos’ wife looks so happy.

My 2 sons are shio Naga with birth years 2000 & 2012, it is said that shio Naga is a symbol of luck, leadership and wealth,“he wrote in caption, quoted from KD’s personal account, @krisdayanilemos, Monday (10/5/2021).

Furthermore, KD explained about the zodiac of the children, Mother. He said both were legends and had a good meaning.

The Dragon zodiac sign is more special than other zodiac signs because this animal is a legendary animal, not found around us.

Moreover, dragons are also known as heavenly beasts or king’s sons. Amen.

Then, there are other things that also attract attention, Mother. In the comment column of the post, Raul Lemos seems to leave writing, you know.

Alhamdulillah, “he wrote via account @ raullemos06, by adding love emoticons.

Raul Lemos’s comments then got a lot of reactions from netizens, Bunda. Even the number of likes it almost reached four thousand.

To recall, in the past, there was a tension that had occurred between KD and her two children, Aurel and Azriel. KD’s husband, Raul Lemos is also considered insinuating Aurel and Azriel through their status on the Instagram story.

Some time after that, Raul Lemos finally raised his voice, Mother. In his conversation with Deddy Corbuzier, the father of two gave the reason why he uploaded this.

What did he say? Read on the next page, Mother.

Also watch Krisdayanti’s anti-oxidant treatment consultation session in the following video:

[Gambas:Video Haibunda]



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