People with HIV/AIDS in South Tangerang in 2022 will increase by 308 people

Tangerang District Health Bureau (Dinkes) noted that from January to November 2022, 522 people in their area were living with HIV/AIDS.

“522 cases were recorded from January to November 2022,” said the chief of disease prevention and control at the Tangerang District Health Bureau, Dr. Sumihar Sihaloho in Tangerang on Friday (2/12/2022).

Out of this figure, there are 372 people living with HIV and another 150 people with AIDS who are scattered in different areas of Tangerang regency.

“There are from different areas of Tangerang regency and there are also case findings from outside Tangerang area,” Sumihar explained.

Patients with HIV/AIDS cases currently entering the NHS data this year saw an increase over the previous year’s cases.

Where, in 2021 the Tangerang district health office found, there were 414 cases with 264 HIV cases and 150 AIDS cases.

“It’s just that in 2021 there was a Covid-19 pandemic, there were restrictions on activities, so the tracking of HIV/AIDS cases didn’t work optimally,” Sumihar said.

He also explained that, for HIV/AIDS patients in general, the highest number of patients was experienced by the male productive age group ranging from 25 to 49 years, for a total of 284 people.

Meanwhile, for the group of women with an average productive age suffering from infectious diseases, there were 79 people. So, there were 18 men aged 15-19 and two women aged 15-19.

“For the sick from the young children group, most of them are infected by their mother through the placenta or breast milk, so pregnant women should be screened and have an HIV test with a triple elimination test for prevention and transmission from mother to child”. Sumihar said.

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