Splashy appearance of a rainbow on the planet Mars, this is NASA’s explanation

KOMPAS.com – Warganet was shocked by the appearance rainbow on the planet Mars from the US Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA).

Begins from photo which was captured by NASA’s explorer cameras, Perseverance, on Sunday, April 4, 2021, when the sun is on the local average at 15:14:38.

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From the picture, you can see a circular rainbow on the surface of the red planet. The color is faint, red yellow green like the color of the rainbow that appears on Earth.

On social media, netizens began to question the appearance of rainbows in several images of the planet Mars.

NASA clarification

NASA provides clarification regarding the rainbow-like appearance that has been questioned by netizens.

Through an official account @NASAPersevere, NASA explained that the appearance of the rainbow did not come from a natural phenomenon on the planet Mars.

Rainbow it appears because of the reflection of the camera lens flare of the explorer. As of Wednesday (7/4/2021) at 21.30 WIB, uploading clarification from NASA has received 30.4 thousand likes and 4.4 thousand retweets.

“Many are asking: Is that a rainbow on Mars? No. Rainbows are not possible here. Rainbows are created by reflected light from water droplets, but there is not enough water here to condense, and it is too cold for liquid water in the atmosphere. Arc (rainbow) ) This is a lens flare, “he wrote.

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Furthermore, accounts @NASAPersevere also explains why the lens of the rover camera can glow.

“This is a lens flare. I have sunshades on my Hazcams front, which are considered essential for the mission (I need them to go on & I usually go forward). The blinds are not considered important on my back Hazcams, so you can see the scattered light artifacts. in the picture, “he wrote.

Mission on Mars

The Perseverance rover camera is an experiment and demonstration of technology, leading to the development of helicopters that can be reconnaissance and rover, as well as human missions to Mars in the future.

Launching Kompas.com, February 24, 2021, Perseverance has been launched since mid-2020. This explorer robot landed well on the surface of the red planet and immediately carried out a mission on Mars.

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This robot is the size of a car, and is equipped with 19 cameras. This camera helps scientific investigations on the planet Mars.

The robotic vehicle originally sailed in space for nearly seven months.

After traveling billions of kilometers, Perseverance successfully landed in Jerezon Crater on Friday (19/2/2021) Australian time, as part of NASA’s Mars 2020 Mission.

Perseverance landed just 2 kilometers southeast of the ancient planet Mars river delta, weighing over a tonne.

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Jezero Crater is 28 miles (45 km) north of the planet’s equator, which is believed billions of years ago to be a lake of Mars.

Until now, Perseverance is still on Mars and continues to monitor conditions on the surface of this red planet.


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