NASA Extends Ingenuity Helicopter Mission on Mars

Jakarta – Helicopter Ingenuity belong NASA managed to fly four times on Mars. After the success of this mission, NASA plans to extend the Ingenuity mission by 30 days. Ingenuity originally planned to operate for 30 days on Mars to demonstrate NASA technology and see if powered flight could be carried out on Mars. After […]

Smitten by the results of 4 flight tests, NASA changes its Ingenuity mission on Mars

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – Once again, NASA’s helicopter drone on Mars, Ingenuity, managed to take off. In its fourth test flight on Friday, April 30, 2021, Ingenuity is streaking farther and faster than the previous three tests. The aim of the Ingenuity mission at Mars actually fulfilled the first three test flight, namely the first demonstration […]

After failure, Ingenuity helicopter makes the fourth flight on Mars – News

After a technical failure, NASA performed this Friday (30) the fourth flight of the Ingenuity helicopter on Mars. An image taken by one of the cameras of the Perseverance rover, which took the vehicle to the ground of the red planet in February, was released by the profiles of the American space agency. Read too: […]

NASA robots ‘Successfully Create Oxygen’ on Mars

Washington DC – The rover robot belonging to the United States Space Agency (NASA) on Mars, Perseverance, is able to “make oxygen” from the carbon dioxide on the planet. The oxygen-making process is carried out in a toaster-sized device called a Moxie. It is a device inherent in Perseverance, which harnesses resources on Mars to […]