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Spanish Tourist Raped by 7 People in India: Shocking Incident Goes Viral, Lizard Rape Case Resurfaces

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Tuesday, 05 Mar 2024 15:00 WIB

Viral Spanish Tourist Raped by 7 People in India, Lizard’s Story Also Highlighted/Photo: Freepik

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Social media is being shocked by the tragic incident of a Spanish tourist who was raped by seven Indian men.

The incident occurred when the Spanish tourist was on holiday with her husband.

A married couple named Vicente and Fernanda, known to their viewers as Vuelta Al Mundo En Moto (Around The World By Motorbike), uploaded a video from a hospital in India.

Vicente and Fernanda explained that they were attacked, robbed, and Fernanda was raped by 7 people in India.

Three suspected rapists of Spanish tourists in India have been arrested, four others are still at large and being chased by the police.

This tragic incident made the public focus on people’s lives in India, including old cases that have occurred there.

In 2022, four Indian citizens raped lizards.

Launch India Today, The incident occurred in Maharashtra, India. Four poachers were arrested on charges of raping Bengal monitor lizards in the Sahydari Tiger Reserve.

The rape was discovered after forestry officers found videos and photos on the suspect’s cellphone.

The four suspects in the lizard rape are Sandeep Tukram, Pawar Mangesh, Janardhan Kamtekar and Akshay Sunil.

After raping the animal, the four immediately killed the monitor lizard and ate it.

“I’ve never seen crimes like this before. They [pelaku] in their 20s to 30s, and they seemed to be doing it just for fun. There is no religious agenda or black magic,” forest guard Vishal Mali said Vice which was reported from detikcom.

The bengal lizard is known to be a species protected by the Wildlife Protection Act 1972. If anyone violates the law, the offender will be prosecuted with a prison sentence of up to seven years.


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