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Spalletti De Laurentiis Napoli Reunion and Serene Evening

The ice has been broken. If there really was peace between Aurelio De Laurentiis and Luciano Spalletti only they know it. But, in the meantime, at the football gala, the greetings between Luciano Spalletti and Aurelio De Laurentiis went beyond the classic ritual phrases. The Italy coach and the president of Napoli, protagonists of an exciting race that reached the Scudetto last season, met talked, hugged and joked. All under the gaze of cameras and photographers. While waiting to understand how the dispute regarding Spalletti’s choice to coach Italy will end without, for now, paying the penalty that De Laurentiis believes he would be entitled to, there was an evening of serenity between the two.

Spalletti and De Laurentiis, the jokes about Naples and the dinner in the countryside

Spalletti and De Laurentiis joked about Napoli: “You have to organize a Napoli reunion at your place in the countrysidea – De Laurentiis tells him – There’s no national team until March anyway“. Spalletti smiles, then De Laurentiis adds: “It’s difficult to coach a national team, eh?”. Spalletti continues to smile: the ice is now truly broken.

De Laurentiis, the words on Napoli between past and future

These, however, are the words of Aurelio De Laurentiis from the stage of the football gala: “Last year was an unforgettable one because it had been awaited for 30 years. We managed to give this city a dream. With Spalletti it was a happy marriage”, added the blue patron. After receiving the award, De Laurentiis also thanked Spalletti himself, the team and the sporting director Giuntoli “with whom we shared eight years” ma “especially the Napoli fans who deserve this Scudetto. The team was a very strong group, without individualism”,

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