Compliance and financial capital teaching academy opens – Jornal OPaís

The Compliance Academy of Africa (CAA) recently opened the academy responsible for teaching students about compliance, financial capital and economics, whose admission to interested parties begins on December 11th of this year and ends on January 11th, 2024.

The opening of the academy was held during the celebration of the 5th Edition of the African Financial Economy and Compliance Forum (FAFEC 2023), with the theme “We Know the Problems and Present the Solutions”.

The courses, lasting nine months, will begin on February 1, 2024.
FAFEC 2023 was a three-day event that attracted thought leaders from different sectors such as finance, education, compliance and economics from across Africa, discussing the challenges facing African countries and presenting plausible solutions.

Figures such as Professor Johannes Rossouw, Pumela Sulela, both from South Africa, Daksheshkuma Patel, from Zimbabwe, Nancy Onyango, from Kenya, and Nancy Idehen, from Nigeria, discussed compliance issues with those present for three days, financial capital, human capital and economy.

The FAFEC conference was attended by more than 200 people, from Government officials to Angolans looking for solutions to the problems inherent not only in Angola, but in Africa.
The conference ended with the delivery of excellence awards to individuals in the financial and banking, educational and human capital sectors of Angola by FAFEC.

The president of FAFEC, Lourdes Caposso Fernandes, expressed her joy to everyone who participated in the three-day CAA conference, particularly to the speakers coming from different parts of Africa.

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