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Rinoa Aurora Forgives Leon Dozan for Abuse Allegations: Latest Hot Gossip

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Monday, 04 Dec 2023 23:00 IWST

Leon Dozan has forgiven, this is what Rinoa Aurora said about her romantic relationship / Photo: Febri/detikHOT

Jakarta, Insertlive

Rinoa Aurora finally received a request for peace from Leon Dozan regarding the alleged abuse case he committed. In fact, Rinoa Aurora and her mother, Yuliana Asaad, visited the Central Jakarta Metro Police to submit a request to withdraw the report on the alleged abuse case they reported.

Rinoa Aurora herself admitted that she forgave and accepted Leon Dozan’s request for peace because she saw a change in Willy Dozan’s son.

“Judging from his behavior, I know Leon, I see that he has changed a lot, from what he says, from the way he walks, from his behavior, yes from that I can judge that there are some things that have changed a lot,” Rinoa Aurora when met at the Jakarta Metro Police. Center, Monday (4/12).

Rinoa admitted that she sincerely forgave Leon Dozan for the abuse he committed some time ago.

“I just sincerely forgive,” he continued.

Even though she has forgiven and decided to withdraw her report, Rinoa Aurora admits that she is no longer in a romantic relationship with Leon Dozan. Rinoa Aurora cannot confirm whether her relationship with Leon Dozan will continue or not.

“For now, let’s do it ourselves,” he said

“We don’t know yet (about getting into a relationship again). We don’t know what will happen,” concluded Rinoa.

Meanwhile, Betharia Sonata as Leon Dozan’s mother also guaranteed that her son had repented for the mistakes he made.

“I know my son, I see that he really repented, he promised me that he didn’t want his name to come back, I’m sure he will stick to that commitment,” said Betharia Sonata when met at the same place.


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