SpaceX sends civilians into orbit for the first time

WashingtonAfter billionaire Jeff Bezos, a rocket from the space company of Tesla founder Elon Musk now also wants to fly into space. SpaceX announced the scheduled flight for Wednesday, September 15 on Twitter. As reported by the Chinese foreign television broadcaster CGTN, SpaceX wants to make history with the first flight of civilians into orbit around the earth.

Billionaire pilot Jared Isaacman and three other people are said to be on board. “Falcon 9”, the rocket that is supposed to take passengers into space, is one of the partially reusable rockets developed by Musk. The space trip is said to last for three days.

Most recently, the space company of Amazon founder Jeff Bezos also made it into space. The 57-year-old took off on July 20th on board the spaceship “New Shepard” and landed safely back on earth after a few minutes. Space travel, however, is not meant to be a “jaunt”. Once the rocket is in orbit, medical experiments are to be carried out.

SpaceX’s last space mission was successful. In April four astronauts arrived aboard the space capsule “Crew Dragon Endeavor” at the International Space Station. The US space agency NASA has also commissioned SpaceX with a mission to Jupiter’s moon Europa.



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