Somalia: at least 79 dead and dozens injured in Mogadishu attack

All I could see was dead bodies scattered– Sakariye Abdukadir, a witness to the attack

The attack occurred in an area where traffic is very dense due to a security post and a tax center. AFP journalists were able to interview witnesses on the spot. “It was devastating because there were so many people, especially high school students on buses,” said first passerby, Muhibo Ahmed. “I counted 22 lifeless bodies, all civilians, and more than 30 injured,” said Ahmed Moalim Warsame at first. “All I could see were scattered dead bodies, some burnt to the point of being unrecognizable,” said another person present, Sakariye Abdukadir.

The attack has not yet been claimed but takes place in a context marked by multiple murderous actions on the part of the Shebab Islamists, a group of insurgents seeking to bring down the Somali government. Chased from Mogadishu in 2011, they lost most of their bastions but still control large rural areas, recalls Agence France Presse. They thus carry out guerrilla operations and suicide bombings, including in the capital, against government, security or civil objectives.

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