US presidential election: the election over the Mississippi

The United States will elect its president on November 3. For the occasion, our journalists embarked on a trip across the country to meet with American voters. A journey up the legendary Mississippi River south to the city of New Orleans, Louisiana. Their 1,500 km journey begins in St. Louis, Missouri. This subject was broadcast […]

Coronavirus: one death every three minutes in New York

In New York, the epicenter of the coronavirus epidemic in the United States, the rate of deaths continues to accelerate with one death every three minutes. In the streets, many ambulances parade with their sirens. In front of overwhelmed hospitals, refrigerated trucks are parked, ready to transport bodies. While the peak of the epidemic is […]

Tourism in Morocco: a special season

The health crisis is taking a heavy toll on the tourism sector. But, some countries suffer more than others. This is particularly the case with Morocco, which did not reopen its borders for several weeks. There, the shortfall could exceed five billion euros. Report in Essaouira where the tourist attendance rate has experienced a significant […]

Minneapolis: tanker forces passage among protesters, driver arrested

2020-06-01T04:33:46.726Z – The drafting of LCI A “very disturbing” incident, according to the police. A tank truck attempted Sunday, May 31, to force its way through the middle of a procession of thousands of demonstrators on a bridge in downtown Minneapolis, Minnesota in the United States, forcing the massive intervention of the forces of the […]

Garett Rolf, the Atlanta cop who killed Rayshard Brooks, taken into custody

International JUSTICE – Police officer Garett Rolfe has been jailed in the state of Georgia, in the United States, after having indicted for the murder of black American Rayshard Brooks, during a muscular arrest last Friday. 2020-06-19T06:30:44.918Z – Melanie Faure Former police officer Garrett Rolfe has been taken into custody for the “murder” of Rayshard […]