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Snowy December, let’s go see these countries

December is the time when most travelers choose to take a break from work and go on holiday. The end of the year, Christmas and the beginning of the New Year all make for a wonderful holiday season. The winter season of December has another level of beauty of its own. December is a month of celebrations and gatherings. Cold and snowy, the starry lights and decorations that appear to welcome Christmas add more beauty to every town and country. There’s no better month than December to enjoy the true beauty of Europe, even if it’s a bit colder. Here are some of the best countries to visit in December, where snow, cold, Christmas, cake and wine all come together.

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Lugano Switzerland. Image Credit: La_Mar/Shutterstock

Switzerland is getting ready to welcome Christmas

Switzerland is one of the most beautiful sights in the world, where Christmas, cold and snow come together. The snow-capped Alps and the Christmas markets give travelers the impression of a dream world. Visitors to Switzerland should pack adequate winter clothing as snowfall is a possibility. The temperature here is between minus one to four.

Best time to visit Japan

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Image Credit :  Meawstory15 Production/shutterstock

Image Credit : Meawstory15 Production/shutterstock

December is considered to be the best time to go to Japan for sightseeing. Tokyo and Kyoto will be beautified by winter decorative lights. Another special feature is that the journey will be very calm and the weather pleasant during this time. If you are a person who likes to enjoy traveling without much fuss, you can go to Japan in December.

Santa Claus in Austria

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Japan. Image Credit : anek.soowannaphoom /shutterstock

Japan. Image Credit : anek.soowannaphoom /shutterstock

Austria in Central Europe is one of the most beautiful countries to visit during Christmas. The main cities here, Vienna and Salzburg, are beautiful at Christmas time. Another attraction in Austria at Christmas is the markets lined up with Santas waiting to welcome tourists. The Austrian Alps, ideal for skiing, are also a favorite destination for tourists.

To Canada to see the Northern Lights

Christmas is one of the best times to visit Canada. Those traveling to Canada should pack enough winter clothing. There is no better month than December to walk the snowy trails and watch the snow fall. The country’s Banff and Jasper National Parks are beautiful to visit at this time. Northern Lights can be seen from Canada The fact that this is the best time to see the Northern Lights also makes Canada a favorite among tourists.

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Vienna, Austira. Image Credit : Mustafa Ertugral /shutterstock

Vienna, Austira. Image Credit : Mustafa Ertugral /shutterstock


The attractiveness of Germany is the markets that are beautifully prepared during the Christmas season. Munich, Nuremberg and Cologne are famous Christmas markets. It is the festive season that makes Germany so popular with tourists. As it is a very cold season, the number of tourists will be less during this time. Therefore, there is no better time for a quiet German trip than December. And enjoy the cities decorated with Christmas lights and delicious food.

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Munich Germany. Image Credit : FooTToo /shutterstock

Munich Germany. Image Credit : FooTToo /shutterstock

New Zealand and Australia to enjoy summer Christmas

If it’s winter everywhere else, December is the start of the warm season in New Zealand. There is no better place to enjoy a summer Christmas. Those who love beach trips and mountain biking can choose New Zealand with confidence. December is summer not only in New Zealand but also in Australia. December is also the best time to visit Sydney and Melbourne.

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Zagreb Croatia.  Image Credit : Loes Kieboom/shutterstock

Zagreb Croatia. Image Credit : Loes Kieboom/shutterstock

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