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Necessary, “strengthen institutions of justice”: academics

The existing institutions for the administration and administration of justice must be “strengthened, instead of ‘seeking to create new organizations or modifying them based on occurrences,’” said the Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation (SCJN) when announcing the conclusions of the work of the third session of the National Meeting for a Security and Justice Agenda, convened by the Court and the Council of the Federal Judiciary (CJF), which was held in the city of Monterrey, Nuevo León.

Lila Flores, general director of the Center for Studies on the Teaching and Learning of Law, moderator of the table dedicated to Attention to Victims, pointed out that two problems considered priority were the lack of capabilities in the operational personnel of the justice system to attend and accompany the victims, and the second ineffectiveness of the victim protection measures.

Félix Contreras Arguirópulos, academic from the Faculty of Law and Criminology of the Autonomous University of Nuevo León (UANL), who moderated one of the tables dedicated to the topic of Security and Protection of Rights, explained that the participants pointed out the responsibility that “they have the authorities to provide objective and depoliticized information about what happens within the bodies in the system of procurement and delivery of justice, so that citizens understand the real problems they face in this matter, but they considered that it should be clarified what they are looking for. solutions and mechanisms that allow improvement.”

Adolfo Frayde Garza, professor at the Metropolitan University of Monterrey, said that at the table he coordinated, mention was made of resistance to change in the implementation of technology within the country’s justice system.

The Nuevo León session was the third of 14 that will be held in different entities of the country within the framework of the National Meeting for a Security and Justice Agenda.

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