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Smooth and Efficient On-Site “Dema” Material Collection for Hunan Bank 2023 Changde Liuye Lake Marathon

Original title: Directly watching the on-site “Dema” material collection players commented that “the process was very smooth!”

From November 10th to 11th, the Hunan Bank 2023 Changde Liuye Lake Marathon runners’ registration and collection of competition materials were carried out at the Liuye Lake Tourist Distribution Center Square, which means that the “Dema” has entered the final countdown.

Runners who came to collect the competition materials lined up in an orderly manner and waited at about 9:30 on November 10. At this time, there were still 30 minutes before the opening of the marathon to collect the competition materials. Many runners could not restrain their inner enthusiasm and came to the square early. Wait in line in an orderly manner. The reporter saw at the scene that volunteers had sorted the equipment for the full marathon, half marathon, and fun run and placed them in their respective areas. The contestants followed the certification channel to the information verification office. After the staff confirmed the information, they received the competition package with the receipt. Among them, full-distance and half-distance runners will go to the chip verification office to confirm the information after receiving the competition package. Players only need to place the chip on the sensor, and their name, competition number, and group will appear on the display to check whether the information is correct.

On-site collection of competition materials

“I got the competition package in a few minutes. The operation is simple and the process is smooth!” Mr. Lin, who participated in the full marathon, gave a thumbs up to the “Dema” material collection service. Ms. Zhang, who had just received the materials for the Happy Run, couldn’t wait to open the competition bag to take a closer look. The dazzling array of materials such as competition uniforms, raincoats, number bibs, spicy strips, biscuits, scenic spot vouchers, finisher medals, etc. made her excited. Say “the organizing committee is very considerate!”

At the receiving site, the contestants couldn’t wait to open their competition bags and take a look.

“Compared with previous years, the material collection process of ‘Dama’ this year has been simplified a lot. We also found that not many runners came to consult about the process because everyone has experience and can fully understand the details online and offline. Operation process.” said Ms. Zhu, the person in charge of material collection of the organizing committee.

Athletes leave their own unique “Dema” mark on the signature wall

At the scene, some exhibitors for this competition have already completed setting up their booths, which also attracted many runners to stop. One of the signature walls in the exhibition area is particularly eye-catching. Many runners signed their names on the wall, leaving their own “Dema” mark.

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