SLP registers 309 new cases of Covid; thanks to the vaccine people are not dying – El Sol de San Luis

San Luis Potosí registered 309 new Covid-19 infections for a cumulative 190,008 cases since the pandemic began. In the last 24 hours no deaths were recorded. Since the first case of coronavirus was detected, 7,561 deaths have been registered, according to the technical report of the State Committee for Health Safety.

The new cases correspond to 187 women and 122 men, with an age range of 6 months to 87 years. In addition, of the total number of cases, 202 had their complete vaccination schedule and 22 incomplete.

The cases occurred in the municipalities of San Luis Potosí (245), Soledad (7), Matehuala (1), Villa de Reyes (1), Rioverde (3), Rayón (1), San Ciro de Acosta (3), Ciudad Valles (42), El Naranjo (1), Aquismón (3), and the rest are from other states.

The report indicates that so far 552 thousand 969 suspected cases of Covid-19 have been registered, of which 190 thousand 008 have been confirmed; 358 thousand 313 have been ruled out and 4,648 cases are still under investigation. Likewise, there have been 173 thousand 404 health discharges.

In hospitalization there are 21 people, of which 11 are stable, 8 serious and two intubated at risk of losing their lives; and of these, 14 are positive for Covid-19, zero negative and 7 continue to be investigated in the state and private laboratories.

Hospital occupancy is 5 percent in regular beds for patients with respiratory diseases, and 1 percent in ventilated beds for patients with coronavirus, this in the fifth wave of infections.

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